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Here are some geographical facts about Sarajevo. Sarajevo is located close to the geometric center of the triangularly-shaped Bosnia and Herzegovina, and covers some 142 km²(88.2 mi²) of land. The core of the city is built in the Sarajevo valley (Also translated as Sarajevo field), a small depression 500 meters above sea level nestled in between the surrounding mountains. Although much of the city itself is relatively flat, some of the outskirts and far eastern parts are hilly. Neighborhoods in the old town in particular are well known for their steep streets and landscape. The river Miljacka flows through the city from east to west and is one of the city's chief geographic features. The source of the river Bosna, Vrelo Bosne is found on the city's outskirts near Ilidža and is one of the most well known natural landmarks in the country. The city is surrounded by five major mountains. They are part of the Dinaric Alps mountain range that winds through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro. The mountains are popular tourist attractions for hiking and skiing. In alphabetical order they are: * Bjelašnica: 2067 meters (6782 ft), southwest * Igman: 1502 meters (4928 ft), southwest * Jahorina: 1913 meters (6276 ft), southeast * Trebević: 1627 meters (5338 ft), southeast * Treskavica: 2088 meters (6950 ft), north Sarajevo itself is part of Bosnia proper, known for its mountainous and heavily forested landscape. Natural disasters pose little threat in the region, although small earthquakes have been known to occur.

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