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Divisions of Sarajevo!!

Sarajevo, the city and surrounding region, are split into several divisions themselves. These can be official or unofficial, with or without actual political power. The most important division of the City of Sarajevo are its four Municipalities. Municipalities are the fourth level of political authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina after state, entity, and canton. The Bosnian word for them is "Općina". They are, Centar (Center), Novi Grad (New City), Novo Sarajevo (New Sarajevo), and Stari Grad (Old Town). Like the city at large, all of the Municipalities have their own regional government, including a foreman, councils, and various Municipality services. The role of these Municipality governments is not as significant as that of other Municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the existence of the Sarajevo city government. Sarajevo's Municipalities are further split into "local communities" (Bosnian, Mjesne zajednice). Local communities have a small role in city government and are intended as a way for ordinary citizens to get involved in city government. They are based around key city neighborhoods. Sarajevo also has several suburbs. They are essentially the 5 Municipalities of Canton Sarajevo that are not included in Sarajevo's official city limits. They are, in alphabetical order, Hadžići, Ilidža, Ilijaš, Trnovo, and Vogošća. Of these the cities of Ilidža and Vogošća, found in the Municipalities of the same name, can be considered the most important. Ilidža is the chief suburb of Sarajevo, located just west of Novi Grad Municipality. According to the latest estimates, Ilidža's population is slightly under 50,000. Sarajevo International Airport is found next to the city. The secondary suburb, Vogošća is located about 6 kilometers north of the city center and has a population of around 9,000. Vogošća has traditionally been an important industrial center.

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