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Novi Grad!!!

Novi Grad (translated New Town) is the westernmost of the four municipalities that make up the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the 1970s, Sarajevo was undergoing a rapid economic and cultural development, with great expansion focused on population and industry. Novi Grad was a direct result of this period of heavy growth, in which many acres of previously unused land were transformed into Communist urban centres filled with apartment buildings. By the time the Novi Grad municipality was formally recognized, it had some 60,000 citizens, in 18 neighbourhoods. According to the 1991 census, the municipality of Novi Grad had 136,746 citizens. Four years of warfare brought that number down tremendously. Some sections of Novi Grad were among the first to be occupied by the aggressors, while the city was repeatedly showered by mortar shells. Of the municipality's 33,517 residential buildings, 92% were damaged during the fighting. Novi Grad has since made a fantastic recovery. Although many bullet holes and mortar shell impacts are visible throughout the municipality, it is overall healthy and functioning. As the most modern part of Sarajevo, Novi Grad is also ground to many new developments, such as the Bosmal city centar. According to the 2002 census, today the municipality of Novi Grad has 116,588 citizens, of which 93,551 are Bosniaks (80.2%), 13,134 are Serbs (11.3%), 7,311 are Croats (6.3%), and 2,592 are classified as others (2.2%).

11/02/2006 00:12