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Novo Sarajevo!!!

Novo Sarajevo (English translation New Sarajevo) is a municipality of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Like Novi Grad, Novo Sarajevo is a product of the city's massive growth and development in the 1960s and 1970s. It is located in the middle of the Sarajevo field, predominantly on the northern bank of the Miljacka, between Novi Grad and Centar. According to the 2002 government census, today Novo Sarajevo municipality has 74,493 residents, of which 49,273 are Bosniaks (66.1%), 11,511 are Serbs (15.5%), 9,553 are Croats (12.8%), and 4,156 are classified as others (5.6%). Prior to the siege, Novo Sarajevo had some 95,089 citizens, of which 32,899 were Serbs and 33,902 Bosniaks. Prior to the siege Novo Sarajevo had some 47.15km². Following the Siege of Sarajevo, 75% of the area was transferred to the Republika Srpska, leaving Novo Sarajevo municipality with 11.43km². As a result, Novo Sarajevo has the highest number of people per km², some 7524. Novo Sarajevo is known as something of the commercial and business center of Sarajevo, housing many of the city's major companies and corporations. The famous Sarajevo Holiday Inn hotel is to be found in the Novo Sarajevo as well, along with the National Museum of History. External links

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